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Your Proven Partner in Bankruptcy Management

Becket & Lee LLP is a law firm providing technology-driven bankruptcy account management and litigation services for creditors. We service consumer and business debt for a client base of traditional banks; auto, retail, point of sale, and fintech lenders; and debt purchasers. Our staff consists of a dynamic group of experienced attorneys and leaders recognized throughout the industry as experts in bankruptcy law and servicing.  As a law firm, compliance, ethics, and accountability are the cornerstones of our service.

We are lawyers first, but since our inception have leveraged the power of a tech-based approach. With a highly experienced team of IT professionals, Becket & Lee develops innovative, thoroughly-tested solutions and safeguards for our clients. Our strategic use of technology ensures our clients have the tools to monitor compliance, understand the dynamics of their bankruptcy portfolios, and project future recoveries. It also provides the foundation for our core services: claim filing; payment and mail processing; and litigation. However, no amount of technology can substitute for an experienced team and a proven methodology.  Even the most sophisticated electronic process has limits; the Bankruptcy Code is a federal law and our attorneys have the legal expertise essential to a comprehensive bankruptcy servicing program.

Nationwide bankruptcy servicing is all we do. We do not purchase debt. We do not sell data.  All of our resources, processes, and staff are focused on maximizing our clients' bankruptcy recoveries and minimizing risk.

National Creditors Bar Association
National Associationof Backruptcy Trustees
American Bankruptcy
National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees
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